South Melbourne Commons

The South Melbourne Commons closed in August 2013 as we were unable to secure a new lease from our landlord.  We have kept this website alive so you can see the wonderful space that thousands of volunteers helped create.

cafe garden

The South Melbourne Commons (‘Commons’) was a family friendly community hub.  The Commons helped to bring back the sense of living in our local South Melbourne neighbourhood – It was a public place where you bump into your friends and neighbours. You could enjoy a meal and coffee in the cafe or just sit in our beautiful cafe garden and read the newspaper whilst your kids were engrossed in a gardening workshop -everyone was welcome at the Commons.

The Commons provided the local community of South Melbourne with valuable goods and services:

  • a community café serving hot organic fair trade coffee and meals made using seasonal produce
  • beautiful community food gardens which supply produce for our café and food cooperative
  • children’s space featuring playgroups, gardening club, parties and after school activities
  • a community hall that you can hire for your functions and events
  • affordable office and meeting spaces for community groups
  • a playground and much more.


All enterprises at The Commons had to adhere to strict environmental guidelines outlined by Friends of the Earth.  All enterprises must have a social purpose and give something back to the local community.

The Commons was also a place for education.  Targeted signage displayed around the site educated our visitors about the sustainability features present.  Apples and Jam also ensured that our kids minds are engaged and switched on to sustainability thinking.

The Commons aimed to be a sustainable community hub, and act as a model to motivate residents, community groups and facility managers perform sustainable retrofits on their homes and buildings.

The Commons is the first project to be delivered by the FoEA Eco-Market campaign that aims to explore issues in Australia’s food & grocery retail sector and provide Australians with a sustainable alternative to supermarket shopping.

What Floors Should You Get When You Do Kitchen Remodeling Sydney?

What Floors Should You Get When You Do Kitchen Remodeling Sydney?

The floors that you are getting for your new kitchen when you do kitchen remodeling Sydney are going to help you make sure that you are comfortable when you walk into the room. The carpet in the room could be good, or you can ask the person who does your kitchen remodeling Sydney to help you with the hardwood flooring or the tile that you want to put in the room.

Some people who do kitchen remodeling Sydney are going to want tile floors that will match the backsplash, or you can get larger tiles that are easier to install. You also need to be sure that you have really thought about whether you want to do hardwoods in the room. Hardwood is going to be very easy to clean, and they can go on into other parts of the house. Ask the person who does the kitchen remodeling Sydney to be sure that they talk to you about which floors they think you need. They will explain how each one works, and they will talk you through the estimate when they make it.

The kitchen remodeling Sydney is going to change the way the whole room feels because it helps to add better floors that you have needed for a long time. You also need to make sure that you have talked to someone who is going to show you all the flooring options you need, and you also have to remember that you are going to have a chance to change lives with the flooring you put in. People will want to come into the room more just because you put it together the right way, and there will be even more people who like coming into the room every day just to have a meal or to relax.

Business Coaching: A Leaning Experience

Business Coaching: A Leaning Experience

Business coaching is a great way for businesses to get an outsiders perspective and integrate the techniques that they bring to the table, which can really spark a business to increase profitability. Business coaching is something that is not new, but is really taking off over the last handful of years. This may be a result of the fact that the business landscape is changing so greatly because of the internet. Companies these days use online sources for the bulk of their marketing campaigns and if you want to be successful these days, there is no question that you should be utilizing online resources. Social media has become absolutely huge in terms of connecting with customers and building a fan base, which a company can use to let people know about the products and services they are selling. Regardless of what industry you are in, there is a very good chance that business coaching can help you to improve upon your business, even if you are already successful.

A lot of companies think that they are doing well and that they can just remain the way they are. While this is true, every company should try to avoid being stagnant and attempt to improve upon the way they do things. Often times there are small tweaks and changes that can be made in way a business operates, which can make a huge difference. Revenue streams may increase drastically by making small adjustments, but there are a ton of instances where business owners do not see these things that should be changed. A business coach can come in and look at a company and let them know where things may be better adjusted. Business coaching Melbourne is an excellent way to get another opinion, especially through a person that does this type of thing for a living. While a business owner may be focused on their individual industry, they may not be a professional at setting up a business and creating a platform to work from. Business coaching can provide a solid foundation for any company to take control of and benefit greatly.

Right Accountants in Geelong

Right Accountants in Geelong

Business success has a lot to do with the kind of people who are involved in the management of entities and strategy formulation. In many instances, one will have ideas that could help a business to stand out, but lack of necessary technical know-how could make things difficult to implement. However, this should not be left to act as a barrier between making fortunes and achieving stability. There are many professionals who can be hired to works for the business to help achieve all these goals. Hiring accountants in Geelong will help you manage the business better and get more information that could help when it comes to embracing growth and expansion.

Many accountants in Geelong are individuals who have a proven past record to offer assistance in business. When you need to hire one, you should however take note of fake professionals who masquerade as well educated and experienced accountants Geelong by Take some time to go through the career profile of the professional in question before you can decide to work together. It is necessary to work with someone who has been in the industry for many years and is able to make decisions that can impact the business positively.

The registration status of accountants in Geelong is also a factor that should inform your decision while searching for a professional accountant. It is necessary to work with a registered person who is able to offer the right services. This offers assurance that you will be dealing with reliable persons, who will not mess the whole business. It also makes it easy to make legal follow up in the event the person breaches some contract details and requirements. This will avail qualified accountants in Geelong to help your business to stand out.